Surface Metrology for Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Improve Quality, Increase Yield and Reduce Cost with Precision Surface Metrology Instruments

Has your company ever had to deal with factory recalls? Do your products require high precision components that are difficult to produce? Does your quality control process take too long, or still output defective pieces? If you're serious about the integrity of your product and are looking to be a leader in your competitive industry, you need the best in metrology instruments for high quality product output.

Surface Metrology Instruments for Automotive, Hydraulics, Seals and Precision Industrial Components

LDB Corp is a leading supplier of Corning Tropel surface metrology instruments for all types of industrial manufacturers including aviation hydraulics and precision industrial components. From Seal and valve measurements for the automotive industry, to high precision component parts to be used on robots, LDB Corp’s metrology instruments ensures production outputs higher quality, minimal defects, and quick processing. Our advanced, non-contact, laser-based measurements have been proven to minimize losses and maximize revenue gains. These highly precise instruments can in just seconds, measure surface form for flatness, parallelism, height, depth, surface finish, roughness or thickness - all within a sub-micron to nanometer accuracy.

LDB Corp supplies surface metrology instruments are used for medical technology, optics, electrical engineering, consumer electronics such as flat panel displays, aerospace, aviation and defense technologies, automotive industries, high pressure hydraulics, data storage, and any manufacturer that requires quality output for innovative products. Testing and calibration is made quick and easy with Corning Tropel metrology instruments, the industry leader of measurement and quality control.

By offering products which measure full surface metrology we can help our customers discover added cost savings by exploring shape tolerance. LDB Corp uses state of the art computers in both machining and metrology, we can help develop solutions that can save you considerable amounts of money.

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