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Surface Metrology Instruments For Industrial Manufacturing and Semiconductors

No matter the environment, we provide the equipment to quickly and accurately evaluate the surface for form flatness and cylindricity.  LDB Corp provides a full line of instruments, inspection services, TMS software as well as automation products and services related to surface metrology and Corning Tropel systems. 

Industries and Applications: Automotive, Hydraulics, Seals, Precision Industrial Components, quartz, sapphire and silicon wafers

Corning Tropel

In today’s manufacturing world, standards for form, flatness and cylindricity are constantly increasing. Absolute process reliability is demanded as production quantities are increased. The degree of precision required in ground or honed components is at a level previously seen only in high-precision optics. It’s only natural that the world's leading manufacturer of high-precision optics is Corning Tropel.

The grazing incidence interferometer of Corning Tropel allows the user to evaluate 100 percent of the surface, taking hundreds of thousands of data points in seconds. This equipment can complete surface evaluation with more than a million points of data in less than 30 seconds. Tropel offers systems to measure form flatness and cylindricity with sub-micron accuracy. Fully automated systems are available for the semiconductor industry as well as other manufacturing industries.

Only Tropel metrology instruments provide rapid, accurate, full-form measurement of precision flat and cylindrical surfaces. Unlike probing instruments, our grazing incidence laser interferometers illuminate and capture the entire surface at one time. These highly advanced instruments perform sub micron, NIST traceable form measurements in seconds, providing high quality yet efficient results for your needs.

Corning Tropel equipment and software is easy to use, fast and accurate. Compared to a contact gauge, this noncontact surface metrology equipment captures more data in less time. These systems can be completely customized for seamless integration in your manufacturing process no matter which industry you serve. These results are repeatable and in less than 30 seconds can measure flatness, surface, form, micro-waviness, harmonics and leak path with a five nanometer resolution and 50 nanometer accuracy. The results are not just in the 3-D interactive plots but in the improved quality, increased manufacturing yield and reduced cost. 

Tropel TMS Software

100% full surface inspection with 3D modeling is made possible by this software. This Windows-based system is both powerful and easy to use. Data output screens can be added, deleted, and modified with just a single click of your mouse. Data can be represented in a myriad of ways to suit your requirements or your eventual customer’s specific requirements. Learn more about Corning Tropel TMS Software.

Tropel FlatMaster MSP Optical Metrology System

The Tropel FlatMaster MSP is a non-contact frequency scanning interferometer that measures flatness in a matter of seconds. The Tropel® FlatMaster® MSP (Multi-Surface Profile) Optical Metrology System is a non-contact, frequency scanning interferometer, capable of measuring precision parts with multiple surfaces. It allows you to measure flatness, parallelism and height/depth on a variety of materials and surface finishes. Learn more about the Tropel FlatMaster MSP Optical Metrology System.

Tropel FlatMaster Surface Form Analysis System

When you need precision components such as semiconductors, the Tropel FlatMaster Surface Form Analysis will significantly improve your manufacturing process. The Tropel® FlatMaster® provides industry-leading performance of surface form measurements for precision component manufacturers. The non-contact optical technique records the entire surface in seconds. It offers five-nanometer resolution with 50 nm accuracy. Learn more about the Tropel Flatmaster Surface Form Analysis System.

Tropel FlatMaster Wafer Form Analysis System

The FlatMaster Wafer Form Analysis System is ideal for new non-silicon materials that need 100% full surface inspection. Tropel FlatMaster® Wafer systems use a wide range of easy-to-load wafer chucks to allow clamped or free- state measurements. Windows®-based software simultaneously tests wafers to multiple user-definable global and local site flatness parameters. Learn more about the Tropel FlatMaster Wafer Form Analysis System.

Tropel FlatMaster System with Surface Roughness Measurement

Surface Roughness Measurement can help you minimize your supply chain risk by providing the best quality assurance for a wide range of materials. The Tropel FlatMaster System with Surface Roughness Measurement measures a broad variety of materials and surface finishes for characteristics such as lay, roughness, and all standard profile parameters for 2D and 3D standards. Learn more about the Tropel Flatmaster System with Surface Roughness Measurement.

Tropel Ultra Flat

The Corning Tropel Ultra Flat is ideal for photomasks to ensure superior flatness at every stage of manufacturing from substrate polishing to film stress analysis. The Corning Tropel Corporation designed the Tropel® UltraFlatTM 200 Mask System specifically for the photomask industry. It delivers the lowest measurement uncertainty for ever-tightening mask flatness specifications. Shrinking device features require not only flatter wafers, but flatter masks as well. Learn more about the Tropel UltraFlat.

Tropel Ultra Sort

Corning Tropel's Ultra Sort is a grazing incidence interferometer that can handle materials such as quartz, silicon, and sapphire to name a few. The Corning Tropel Ultra Sort represents the State Of The Art in automated semiconductor wafer measurement. Designed specifically for high volume wafer manufacturing, this automated system offers the utmost in rapid, repeatable, accurate non-contact verification of many substrate materials in the field. Learn more about the Tropel UltraSort.

Tropel Refurbished Machines

Made in the USA metrology instruments are built to last.  LDB Corp supplies affordable full surface inspection tools to minimize your supply chain risk. Remanufactured systems will have been completely rebuilt to current production standards. A refurbished system can be a cost-effective way for you to reach your company 's goals. They are sold with a 180-day warranty. Learn more about remanufactured Tropel surface metrology instruments.