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Who is LDB Corp?

Founded in 1997, with the intention of offering only the highest quality, highest accuracy products available, LDB Corp provides metrology instruments to industrial component and semiconductor companies. These tools are applied for geometric dimensioning and tolerance. LDB Corp also provides recertification, contract inspection, application maintenance, on-site inspection, innovation consulting for startups, and workshops. LDB Corp's products and services provide companies with solutions that minimize risks, maximize profits, and add real value.

What is Corning Tropel?

For more than 30 years, Corning has created metrology instruments that measure the flatness of wafers and photomasks faster and more accurately than anywhere in the world. Corning Tropel is a leading tech manufacturer of metrology instruments made in the USA. Their instruments are renowned for being highly accurate and fast compared to other instruments. 

Through its partnership with Corning Tropel, LDB Corp provides surface metrology equipment for the automotive, display, semiconductor, hydraulic, pneumatic and data storage industries. These machines can quickly and accurately provide the flatness of compressors, pumps, disk drives, flat panel displays, fuel cells, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, photomasks, seal faces, thin sheet and cover glass, wafers, and more. 

Corning Tropel products include the FlatMaster Optical Metrology System, FlatMaster Wafer Form Analysis System, FlatMaster Surface Form Analysis System, the UltraFlat, and the UltraSort. All these products are used via the TMS software which provides rich data and visual interface. Support is also available for UNIX systems.

How does LDB Corp do it better?

Aside from being the only licensed seller of Corning Tropel in North America. LDB offers the highest quality instruments in the industrial, semiconductor, and electronics markets. The instruments’ accuracy and speed allow companies to not only manufacture components to a safer degree, but also allow them to minimize mistakes/wastes which lead to higher yields and lower costs. LDB has been in this industry for over 15 years which has allowed it to develop greater expertise and insight for creating real value in a rapidly changing environment.

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