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Tropel UltraSort

The next generation of automated wafer qualification

The Corning Tropel Ultra Sort represents the state-of-the-art in automated semiconductor wafer measurement, and continues a 25-year tradition of providing metrology solutions to semiconductor manufacturers. Designed specifically for high volume wafer manufacturing, this automated system offers the utmost in rapid, repeatable, accurate non-contact verification of many substrate materials in the field.

The Tropel UltraSort includes cassette-to-cassette handling with user configurable sorting capability. This Class 100-compliant system integrated a grazing incidence interferometer with industry standard robotic wafer handling. It can measure wafer sizes from two to eight inches wide, and is well suited for a wide variety of materials including gallium arsenide, sapphire, quartz, germanium, silicon, and much more.

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Accuracy50 nm  (2.0 u")
Repeatability15 nm  (0.6 u") 1 sigma
Resolution5 nm    (0.2 u")
Dynamic Range  (typical, limited by surface slope)> 100 um  (0.004")
Part Range 50 mm - 200 mm  (2" - 8")
Part Range Configuration 50 mm - 150 mm;  100 mm - 200 mm
Measured Data Points  ~ 230,000 per measurement
Measurement Time  ~ 5 seconds (typical)
Throughput = Clamped OR Unclamped  ~ 120 wafers per hour
Throughput = Clamped AND Unclamped  ~ 90 wafers per hour
Measurement Datums  Front referenced, back referenced, clamped, local site
Measurement Parameters Bow, Warp, SORI, TTV, LTV, LDOF, Thickness, Stress, and others. Contact us for a complete list.
Data Analysis 3-D, Contour plot, 2-D slice plots, Histogram, and others. Contact us for a complete list.
Surfaces Wire Sawn, ground, lapped, polished, etched