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Tropel FlatMaster Surface Form Analysis Systems

Fast and precise measurements of ground, lapped, honed, polished and superfinished components.

The Tropel® FlatMaster® provides industry-leading performance of surface form measurements for precision component manufacturers. The non-contact optical technique records the entire surface in seconds. It offers five nanometer resolution and a standard accuracy of 50 nanometers. It rapidly and accurately measures flatness, line profile, radius and other surface parameters from a variety of surfaces.

Several standard versions of the FlatMaster Surface Form are available to optimize accuracy over different component size ranges. The FlatMaster 40, 100 and 200 measures parts up to 40 millimeters, 100 millimeters and 200 millimeters respectively. Customizing is available to achieve your specific performance requirements whether it is for increasing dynamic range, accuracy, or to include component handling features.

The data analysis includes 3-D topographic scans that include yield, distribution, and profiles for flat, spherical, conical, and radial slices. Adding a FlatMaster Surface Form Analysis System to your shop floor can significantly improve your process, yield and productivity with full-form measurements with unprecedented speed and throughput, providing you with the best quality production for your company.

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