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Surface Metrology Services

LDB Corporation provides its clients with more than just a reliable product. Our goal is to provide you company value to make sure you gain the highest returns on investments with the least risk involved. With more than a decade of expertise, we can make sure that your company's future is headed in the direction of success. Below are some of the services we provide to our clients in the automotive, hydraulics, seals and precision industrial components industries to optimize their performance.

Surface Flatness Measurement

Results you need to achieve near perfection. We use only Corning Tropel FlatMaster measuring systems. All measurements are NIST traceable and documented to your specific requirements. Reports can be generated to suit most applications, and requirements. Contract flatness measurement, and contract profilometer services are available to any company in need of supply chain risk mitigation. Learn more about our surface flatness measurement service.

Contract Surface Inspection

Serving your specialized needs. Third party verification is becoming more of a requirement as manufacturing tolerances shrink. Reverse engineering is now more popular than ever. LDB Corporation's on site contract surface inspection offers dimensional metrology services as well as reverse engineering at your facility. We also offer surface topographical metrology services for all of your company's third party verification, prototype, and production needs. Learn more about contract surface inspection.

Competitive Strategic Engagement

Plan for success. Whether you're in the semiconductors field or the manufacturing industry, the world is rapidly changing and innovation is critical to remain competitive. LDB Corporation has more than 15 years of experience with clients of all types and knows what it takes to thrive in the competitive landscape. Contact us to become a leader in your industry and benefit from our expertise and knowledge. We can take you to the next level. Learn more about competitive strategic engagement.

On-site Quality Inspection

Offering a complete in-house inspection service, LDB Corp is capable of fixture verification, reverse engineering, digitizing, first article inspection, and third party verification. We provide state of the art equipment for quality assurance including the Leica Laser Tracker inspection system, Portable CMM or Coordinate Measuring Machine, and Perceptron 3-D Laser Scanner. Learn more about our on-site quality inspection service.

Metrology Instrument Upgrades

Renew your metrology instruments. Computer hardware and software upgrades are typically performed in the field, and generally require no more than two days to complete including operator training. Full optical upgrades are available as well. Optical upgrades, basically remanufacturing your existing machine, are performed at the Tropel factory following the same operating procedures as the manufacture of new systems. Learn more about surface metrology instrument upgrades.