Semiconductor Surface Metrology

Semiconductor Surface Metrology

LDB is the leading provider of precision surface metrology instruments in North America

While the technological world develops, consumers demand higher standards of usability, functionality and lifespan on their electronic devices. As a manufacturer, you can't afford to lose money from building impure semiconductors and wasting valuable resources. The processes for semiconductor wafer testings are more rigorous than ever; whether it's deposition, removal, patterning, or modification of electronic properties. Factions of a second, and minor miscalculations can prove costly for production. Combining the latest technology and proven methodology, LDB Corp provides the most efficient semiconductor surface metrology equipment available from Corning Tropel.

Surface metrology instruments for quartz, sapphire and silicon semiconductors

LDB Corp creates metrology instruments and solutions for the semiconductors industry from the leading manufacturer: Corning Tropel. The Tropel UltraSort Wafer Flatness Analysis System offers superior performance for rapid, accurate, and repeatable results for semiconductors. The semiconductor surface metrology grazing incidence interferometry technology can measure over 230,000 data points precisely, ensuring that your company produces the best quality with minimal defects.

Semiconductor processing is especially critical for ensuring the quality and consistency of substrates such as sapphire.

Using Corning Tropel semiconductor surface metrology equipment supplied by LDB Corp has been proven to significantly improve your manufacturing process. We provide semiconductor wafer measurement tools that are automated and can measure sensitive materials including quartz, silicon and sapphire, and many others. These accurate, repeatable and efficient systems provide superior accuracy and speed with measurements typically completed in seconds. 

LDB Corp semiconductor metrology equipment offers fast, reliable and repeatable measurement of semiconductor wafers using speed and precision across a large surface area. 

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